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Call Center Services

ACL offers solutions adapted to your company's needs

Call Center Services

Do you find your clients pay little attention to your business hours? Why not turn it to your competitive advantage!


Want people to be able to connect with your company outside of business hours?
Don’t have the infrastructure or human resources this requires?
Want to invest in making your company more easily reachable?
The ACL's range of business services can help people connect with your company 24/7 thanks to its Call Management Center's remote secretarial service. 
The Automobile Club du Luxembourg’s call management centre employs 40 members of staff who speak 6 languages. Our specialist teams are trained in dealing with your products and available 24/7. 
As a professional client you will be given your own personal phone number and benefit from a tailored service with the option of obtaining reports on call statistics and encrypted files in the interests of complete transparency.
Our remote secretarial service will ensure that customers have a manned point of contact with your company at all times, including, for example, the option of making appointments, leaving messages and placing orders, as well as managing your after-sales service in accordance with your own procedures.
The service is designed to allow companies to focus on their core business by entrusting their calls and even their customer relations to our experts who are on hand 24/7. The ACL’s call management centre can take care of both your incoming and your outgoing calls, leaving you free to focus on your core business on a day-to-day basis and more importantly to save you time. We can provide a professional, personalised and above all human point of contact with a multilingual team of representatives as and when needed, to cover periods of absence (sick leave, training, holidays, etc.). We can provide remote secretarial services on a casual or permanent basis.   
Our services also cover eCall-type emergency calls for vehicles and can include managing crises within your company to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted running of your business.

We will also, of course, provide roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The ACL’s professional client base traditionally includes the following:

  • automotive manufacturers and leasing companies,
  • insurance companies and company vehicle fleets,
  • car-sharing and car-pooling platforms,
  • electric vehicle charging station administrators, as well as companies and SMEs operating in the trade, craft and service sectors.

ACL’s business offering gives you the following benefits:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Multilingual expertise (6 languages)
  • Calls made and processed under your company name
  • Multimedia calls (voice & data)
  • Remote secretarial services (option of making appointments, leaving messages and placing orders)
  • After-sales service managed in accordance with your own procedures
  • Reporting and statistical analysis
  • Technical support for your buildings
  • Tailored short and long-term solutions
  • Emergency eCall calls and crisis management

Our promises to you:

  • Access to a specially trained team of 40 staff members
  • Secure cutting-edge technology based in Luxembourg (mirroring, secure switched phone lines, etc.)
  • Virtual call centre - virtual offices available
  • 24/7 availability for flexibility outside of the client’s business hours
  • Multilingual staff
  • Friendly and professional call handling by staff with good interpersonal skills. These services are available on a one-off basis, during peak times, to cover holidays and sick leave, etc.

Practical info: why outsource your calls to the ACL’s call management centre?

  • Avoiding the need to recruit additional staff
You don’t want to expand your team or bear the costs that this would incur.
  • Managing client appointments
We will arrange your appointments and coordinate them for you.
  • Conveying messages
If you are unavailable or busy, or even if it’s just late, we will handle your incoming calls and pass on the corresponding messages.
  • Dealing with complex requests
Want to focus more on your core business? We can target and direct your clients to suit your needs.
  • Emergency service
We can inform your teams of any incidents they need to respond to on weekends and bank holidays or when no secretary is available.
  • Managing 1st-level failures
The after-sales service that comes with your product(s)/service(s) requires particular attention, and we can manage it efficiently by asking the relevant questions in accordance with a specific procedure.
  • Support at peak call times
Calls are automatically transferred to us after a certain number of rings.
  • Helpdesk
We can handle your calls and help you to deal with 1st-level problems.
  • Order taking

We can take care of your orders, in accordance with a jointly pre-determined procedure, of course.


These clients have already placed their trust in us:


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